welcome to my website. here you'll find random crap i want to show off. navigation is on the left. if you have any questions, send me a message through my twitter or whatever social media i linked here.


rainbow sauce is based on "violet sauce" by namie amuro. it has always been one of my favorite songs by hers. this was also my original twitter name from 2009 to 2014 and it's the name of my fanfic community on livejournal. as you can tell, i'm very attached to this name and i want to keep it with me.

About Me

my name is lily and i am a huge ass weeaboo. i've loved anime and jpop since i was a teenager and i will continue to love it. i also enjoy kpop and cpop as well. my interests range from writing, shit posting, sleeping, eating, and a bunch of other things. feel free to follow me on my social media but don't expect me to follow back unless you make an effort to talk to me.